History + Growth

Zorch means moving at light speed, and growth is built into our branded merchandise model. 

In the $20 billion promotional products industry, every one of the 15,000 distributors operates the same way…except for Zorch.  Founded in 2002, Zorch saw an opportunity to reinvent the roles a distributor plays by helping large organizations gain ease of process, savings, and brand protection.  With a supply chain model like no other, Zorch quickly became recognized by Fortune 500 organizations, industry leading suppliers, and embraced by top marketing agencies.  

In 2007, Inc. magazine named Zorch #28 in the Inc. 5000 with 3,013% growth in 3 years. In 2008, Crain’s named Zorch the #1 fastest growing company in Chicago based on four-year growth of just over 45,000%.  That same year, Inc. magazine again recognized Zorch, but this time as the 8th fastest growing company in America (#1 in Illinois).

Zorch was recently named #33 in the top 50 distributors and continues to gain recognition from long standing clients, new clients, and suppliers.

Today, the Zorch Model is one of a kind. No other distributor can compete with the flexibility of our virtual collections, the strength of our Supplier Partners, and the brand protection we provide to our clients. We are unmatched and continue to stand in a category of one.
— Zorch CEO, Mike Wolfe