PPAI Expo 2019

In January, our Creative Team traveled to Las Vegas to attend the 104th Annual PPAI Expo, an industry tradeshow that features more than 1,200 exhibiting companies showcasing more than a quarter million products. The following is a list of three major trends we spotted for 2019.

Go Outside

People are embracing the outdoors like never before, from hiking to climbing, backpacking, and even fishing — and these aren’t your mother’s (or, more likely, your father’s) camping trips. We saw this trend presented through an influx of camping gear like hammocks, coolers, multi-tools, flashlights, and travel bags in durable outdoorsy fabrics, as well as color infusions like muted greens and tans that mimic the outdoor landscape.

Conscious Consumerism

Sustainability among brands is undergoing a renaissance as eco-conscious consumers demand ethical practices, responsible behavior, and innovation to cut excess. In response, brands are creating products, services, packaging, and new systems that are as desirable and functional as they are eco-friendly. Many suppliers have introduced reusable straws in response to the backlash against plastic, and many “brands that give back” are entering the promotional industry.

Human Tech

For the tech industry, 2019 may be more about laying groundwork than historic breakthroughs…but it should be a busy and exciting year as key new technologies begin finding their way into real, useful applications. With a consumer culture that fosters the relationship between humanity and technology, products have become increasingly personalized and perfectly nuanced for each individual human experience. Smart homes are still a major trend, as we continue to see advances in smart plugs, lightbulbs, and cameras. Affordable AI-enabled wearables were also seen on the tradeshow floor, and Bluetooth continues to be a top trend in tech.