2021 Trends

The last year has introduced a major lifestyle shift for all of us, which greatly influenced which trends we’ve seen dominating the cultural, fashion, and retail landscapes. The 3 categories below are trends we’ve been seeing a lot of lately, and we expect them to continue rising in popularity in the year to come.



In Norway, locals have long embraced the outdoors through the concept of “friluftsliv,” (pronounced “free-loofts-liv”) or “open-air-living.” During a year when we have spent the majority of our time indoors in front of the television, friluftsliv offers a welcome respite from enclosed spaces.


9 to 5

It’s an understatement to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work. Whether you work from home, are back to your cubicle, or managing a hybrid of the two, we’re all looking for ways to adapt to our changing office environment and stay connected to our coworkers.



In the last year, our homes have become much more than a place to kick up our feet at the end of the day. They have become multifunctional spaces – whether a gym, an office, a school, a spa, or some combination of the above, it is more important than ever to find our own meaning and experience of “home.”