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Reduce Cost,

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Zorch drives an immense amount of value to your corporate Branded Merchandise program by offering a transparent and forward-looking approach. We align with Procurement & Sourcing on ease of operational process, risk elimination, and cost control to improve your entire program.


Our platform features functionality that generates a retail shopping experience, and is customized to fit your buying community's needs.

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Streamlined Supply Chain

Execution is our expertise. Our one-of-a-kind partnership with a carefully vetted group of suppliers is our key to success. Zorch is the only distributor who has effectively eliminated non-essential steps at the distributor level to drive efficiency, reduce expense, and successfully shift the focus to brand and service.

transparent pricing

Simplified Pricing

No hidden costs. Ever. Zorch offers the lowest margins in the industry, open-book pricing, and every order is 100% auditable. By working together, we help you track massive cost savings and free up money for larger initiatives. Now, buyers can shop smarter and stretch their budgets.

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Intuitive Product Collection

Zorch pioneered an On-Demand production solution that adapts to each company’s buying habits and needs. We completely eliminate your inventory position, significantly reduce the volume, and still deliver product that gives you the flexibility of inventory…all without risk. You tell us what you need, how you buy, and we will make it happen. The best part? There’s never a chance for obsolete merchandise or buy backs.

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